The President’s Message
Ron Lawrence
January, 2019


Greetings fellow Shelby Enthusiast. Wow what a club to belong to. Roadsters and Mustangs icons all in one place! I watched a show called Detroit Muscle in 2015 and they had five ladies build a Factory Five Cobra Roadster in one week … well that opened my eyes and I was bitten by the snake! Now I get to build and own the legendary Shelby Cobra icon, what could be better… well driving it!

Back in May of 2015 I attended my first SoCal SAAC Club meeting at a paint shop in El Cajon and had a great time meeting everyone; the camaraderie was perfect. Old farts like me and young pups with the same enthusiasm shared by the Shelby brand.

Now here I am the president of the SoCal SAAC Club and my car is still in my garage being built. This is something I am excited about. I want to continue to grow the membership and introduce new and dynamic ideas that are inclusive to everyone. I want to have multiple events during the month that include track racing and drag racing to fun tours, overnighters and parades. My personal pledge is to get more Mustangs running with the club on events and meetings.

My role as president is to expose SoCal SAAC to more Philanthropy/Charity events, like the toy drives, food drives, wounded warrior and veteran’s events. A lot has been done here but I want to have the club recognized for these engagements thru social media.

Thank you Eric Ludwig for stepping up and volunteering for the Vice-President position. Eric will be coordinating a varied set of events and new memories like Petersen Automotive Museum Jan 6, and Palomar Mountain Multi Club event Jan 19. Between the two of us and your inputs for new ideas we will set the bar high and give the club lots to choose from.

I look forward to being SoCal SAAC president and making my term and exciting one with new friends, adventures and memories. Put your turn signal on, move into the fast lane, hang on and lets all have a safe, exciting and great new year!

Ron Lawrence

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