The President’s Message
Eric Ludwig
March, 2020


Hello Members, I am 2 weeks late on getting this out so my apologies. I like to start these messages with the previous months events however this one will be different. You have all heard that Saul was in an accident and lost his life. For those of you that knew Saul you know he was a one of a kind guy. He offered to come to my house and help me with my Cobra whenever we were just talking about things to do on the car. He was an avid member of the club and was slated to be on the Board next year. We are going to miss him and his wife Renee.

Although we will never know exactly what happened we can try and find something we can do to honor him. With that being said I ask all of you to take a close look at your cars. Is it safe. Many of us don’t put a lot of miles per year on our cars so although the tires may have a lot of tread they may be to old to be safe. Things like this I hope you take a look at. Saul’s service was scheduled for March 22 however Renee just postponed it do to the coronavirus situation so when I find out the new date I will let everyone know.

In regards to the coronavirus and our upcoming events. We are still slated to have our General members meeting and do some Drag Racing this Saturday at Barona Dragstrip. We will use the cautions that are in place across the country. The April Board meeting and General membership meetings will be scheduled this week and the information put on the website. If we end up cancelling due to weather or the coronavirus we will send out an email.

Regards, Eric

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