The President’s Message
Eric Ludwig
February, 2020


Hello Members, We started off the year with a Cruise from Escondido through Ramona then Julian and Mount Laguna to Pine Valley for lunch. Weather was great with some snow on the side of the roads!

We then had a B.O.D. breakfast meeting in Poway followed by a short run to Ramona and then took Highland Valley road to the 15. Was a great little ride. We discussed last years events and what we can do better.

Our Regular Membership meeting was held at El Cajon Ford. Paul Dyke the General Manager and the guy you see on the commercials was happy to have us and setup his conference room with free coffee available and offered a discount on apparel to our members that day. Appreciate his hospitality. We discussed the upcoming meetings and events and began talk about having a 20th year picnic later in the year. We had 2 new people at the meeting. One of them pulled up in a 2017 GT 350 and spoke about some other cars in his collection that sound great.

Our next Run is Saturday February 8th up to Hillbank in Irvine to look at their selection of Shelby related vehicles led by Mark Coulter. The other potential new member at the meeting asked about buying a Cobra so hopefully he comes along with us. Check the website for information on the upcoming events.

Our Regular members meeting will be at Pro Gear. They work on Transmissions and Differentials and some of our members have had work done there so it sounds like a great place. Hope to see you all at the events.


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