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SoCal SAAC, San Diego Region

About Us: Our Cars

First of all, “Ownership isn’t essential, enthusiasm is!” should be taken word for word. While it’s true that most (certainly not all) of our members drive our club's namesake Mustang and Cobra cars, anyone is welcome! We’re all passionate about our cars and equally passionate about driving, racing, showing, and/or anything related to our cars. While our Mustangs tend to be original factory build cars, most of our 1965 body type Cobra's are not. Here's what we have:

Replica Cars - which are factory built to look the same as the original ones, but generally have some modern automotive technology. New vehicles are sold without the engine and transmission

Continuation Cars - those are fully authorized by Shelby and some consider them to be a modern day original. These are complete turnkey vehicles which retain the general style and appearance of their original 1960s ancestors, but are fitted with modern amenities.

Kit Cars - are just that. There are many manufacturers of kits and what they provide. Kits do not come with an engine or transmission, but some come with everything else for the car’s builder to assemble and paint. On the other end of the spectrum are kits that are barely more than the body, frame, and some basic parts; requiring the builder to find the rest of the car parts.

Original Cars – Our club member have plenty of these factory built cars, but most of our 1965 type Shelby Cobras are replicas or kits.

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