Welcome to the 6th Annual SoCal SAAC ”All Things Carroll Shelby Car Show” Saturday, May 28, 2022!

This year’s car show highlighting the cars of Carroll Shelby and how they influenced the industry of their era. As a requirement for participation in this show your vehicle must be a product from Shelby’s design, manufacturing, or a replica of those products.

Thank you for pre-registering with our Charity Car Show that benefits the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station here in San Diego. Your Pre-registration guarantees you an assigned parking stall, in your “car class”. The placement of cars in the parking lot will be car, car, space, car, car, space and so on giving enough room to sit near your car. The day of the show, Registration will be open at around 7:00am, since your space is reserved, you need not arrive before then. If you choose to come before 7:00am, we simply won’t be ready for you. Please arrive no later than 8:30am so we can get everyone parked where they belong and start the show at 9:00am. We will strive to get everyone parked quickly, but if there is a large crowd ahead of you, you are going to wait. We appreciate your patience. If your car tends to overheat, pull out of line and wait for the line to thin out. Remember there is a stall with your name on it!

Should you decide to bring a vehicle other than the one you registered, please let me know before May 27. By (8:00pm). We hope you can make it to the show, but if for some reason you are unable to attend, please don’t expect us to refund your registration fee, or allow a friend to enter in your place. This is a fundraiser for the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, consider your registration a much-needed donation! Thank you,

To register On-line your Carroll Shelby influenced vehicle Click here

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Location this year is at the Maranatha Chaple, 10752 Coastwood Road, San Diego 92127 (Rancho Bernardo/4S Ranch). Click here for Map

To view the Schedule for the show and more information please Click here

This year’s event will be catered by the Maranatha Chapel Youth Group. Coffee & Donuts in the am and burgers, dogs, chips, and sodas for lunch. 100% of the proceeds go the Youth Group!

All events are subject to change